Bianchi 55L Lightnin' Holster Plain Tan, Size 01, Right Hand 13157


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Bianchi 55L Lightnin’ Holster Plain Tan, Size 01, Right Hand 13157 Features:

Bianchi specifically designed the 55L for the small framed hammerless revolvers that are so popular for concealed carry. Security is provided by a retention strap that crosses behind the trigger guard. The release tab is activated by the middle finger during the draw stroke. 1.75″ belt loop.


- Fits revolvers with hammer shrouds
- Designed for use with rubber hammer shroud grips
- Fingersnap strap allows the middle finger to open snap
- Rides high and close to the body for maximum comfort and concealability
- Suede lined
- Closed muzzle
- 1.75″ belt slot

Size 01 Fits:

- Charter Arms: Undercover 2″
- S&W: 36, 38, 49, 60, 442, 640 (.38), 649 2″
- Taurus: 85CL 2″

Bianchi 55L Lightnin’ Holster Plain Tan, Size 01, Right Hand 13157 UPC Code: 013527131577

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