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Authorized Marathon Watches Dealer is the only complete and fully stocked, authorized U.S. dealer of Marathon military watches. This means that we can provide you with the complete line of genuine hand made Swiss watches from Marathon. These timepieces are not just "military style" watches but are genuine, government and military contract watches. You can select from a variety of styles and preferences including digital or analog, metal or leather bands and other specifications like color and additional watch details that match your lifestyle and mission.

Top Spec U.S. Stocks the Entire Marathon Brand Collection supplies the entire line of authentic, collectible, military-issue Marathon watches, supplied to the US and Canadian governments and military, online for your tactical and outdoor use. Besides stocking a comprehensive range of long-lasting, genuine Marathon watches, also supplies Marathon binoculars, laser pointers, clocks and accessories. Telling time never looked so good and lasted so long.

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