Deluxe Complete MRE (12 Complete Meals Individually Packaged) 09-2034


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The Complete Deluxe MRE 09-2034 is perfect preparation for disasters & emergencies! MREs (Meals Ready to Eat or Ready To Eat Meals) provide convenience and nutrition in one package. These MREs are manufactured in the USA under military standards. A government inspector oversees the production of these genuine military meals, so you know you can expect quality! Our government has done a ton of research identifying meals that taste good and provide complete nutrition for soldiers in the field, so why not make use of their efforts? The result: this full Deluxe MRE meal that provides healthy meals for our troops enjoy. These Deluxe MREs utilize the highest quality ingredients like white meat chicken, lean beef, pastas, and fruits and vegetables. Heck, sometimes we don’t even eat this well at home! These ready to eat meals are seasoned to provide great taste without being too salty or spicy; you add your own salt or pepper to taste (included). The Deluxe MRE is also excellent for everyday use on your outdoor adventures – keep a couple of them stowed in your car, just in case! Oh yeah…don’t mistake our MRE products with cheap gun show or off-the-street low quality junk food. Our meals are the highest quality current inventory that’s not old, expired, or soon to expire! Remember: MREs don’t require refrigeration or cooking, nor do they require water. These Deluxe MREs can be eaten cold, but it may taste better warmed up. This item does NOT include MRE heaters (available separately). Box weighs approximately 12 lb.

Each case of Deluxe MREs contains 12 individually packaged meals sealed in plastic, typically comprised of 3-4 different entrees per case.

Each Individual MRE Contains:*

  • One entree
  • Crackers (or similar item)
  • Condiments
  • Beverage powder
  • Dessert
  • Energy Bar
  • Matches
  • Utensils

* Contents are subject to change slightly, but this accurately represents what you can expect.

MRE heaters sold separately.

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