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Tactical Gear

«Tactical Gear

Explore, travel, hunt, fish, prepare, defend and survive with our practical tactical gear. Find handcrafted knives and tools, a range of holsters, tactical bags and cases, all in one convenient spot.

Military Watches and Bands

«Tactical Watches and Bands

Your trusted, authorized supplier of Marathon Watches, including GSAR and TSAR . Supplying military watch bands and Marathon watch bracelets.

Survival Gear

«Survival Gear

Get on top of your survival gear supply with our extensive range of medical bags and kits, bug out bags and emergency preparedness supplies. From MREs to jerry cans, we’ve got you covered.

Voodoo Tactical Gear

«Voodoo Tactical

Professional grade, military spec weapons cases, range bags, vests and backpacks that stand up to the rigors of the real world: SWAT/police/tactical use, camping, hiking, shooting, or extreme adventures.

Medford Custom Knives 100% Hand Made in America.

«American Hand Made Knives

Medford Knife & Tool Knives are 100% hand-made in America by U.S. military veterans and used by the military. Folders and fixed blades. Get Medford professional tools.

Hazard 4 Tactical Gear / Civilian Lab - Authorized Dealer

«Hazard 4 Gear

Hazard 4 tactical products are at the forefront of innovation and technology, which is why their tactical gear is used by U.S. Special Forces. Hazard 4 = function and form. 'Progressive Tactical'.

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Real Military Watches at is THE authorized full-stocking U.S. dealer of Marathon genuine military watches. We're not talking about military "style" watches...we have the real deal. Marathon timepieces are authentic, collectible military issue watches supplied to the US and Canadian governments and military forces (and other too). Marathon CSAR, GSAR, TSAR, JSAR, LGP, GPQ, GPD, Adanac, Chronograph, Automatic, Quartz, Navigator, Army Field Watch - full line of Genuine Swiss Made Marathon Wristwatches. Get your Genuine Military Issue Marathon Watch Now!

22mm Nylon Watch Bands
22mm Nylon Watch Bands

20mm Nylon Watch Bands
20mm Nylon Watch Bands