Dive Watch Insight: Fat Spring Bars vs. Normal Spring Bars

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Dive Watch Insight: Fat Spring Bars vs. Normal Spring Bars

Comparison: Fat Spring Bars vs. Normal Spring Bars | Top Spec U.S.You may have come across references to “fat spring bars” or “Seiko fat spring bars.” This brief article will help you understand the differences between normal spring bars and the heavy duty fat spring bars that are commonly used on Seiko dive watches as well as a few other dive watches.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: “fat” refers to the diameter of the spring bar barrel — the middle part of the spring bar upon which the watch band or watch strap rests. “Fat” has nothing to do with the width of the spring bars (the distance between the watch lugs). It refers only to the diameter of the barrel. Normal spring bars have a small diameter barrel – 1.0mm to 2.0mm. Fat spring bars have a barrel diameter of 2.55mm, and the pins themselves are a full 1.1mm (with a 1.71mm shoulder as well). This means that the spring bars can stand up the stress of heavy service and diving use, and you can have a little more peace of mind by not worrying about losing your watch if you snag it or knock it with any force. (For even more security, you can replace your rubber dive watch strap with one of our nylon watch bands from 16mm to 22mm. Using a nylon watch band will keep your watch attached even if one of your spring bars breaks or fails.)

The best quality fat spring bars are made of stainless steel; our Top Spec U.S. OEM fat spring bars are made of 316L non-magnetic stainless steel. The non-magnetic property is beneficial because some mechanical watches can be sensitive to magnetic fields — it’s one less thing you need to be concerned about! Our OEM fat spring bars are made to the same exacting specifications as the original Seiko parts, with the addition of the non-magnetic property. 316L stainless steel is the same material used in Rolex spring bars, and that’s good enough for our Top Spec U.S. OEM fat spring bars!

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