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Feeling safe is one of the best feeling you can have especially when you are stranded in the wilderness. A GPS is one amazing tool which can give you that feeling of ease when you most needed it. No doubt that having a GPS can help you to hunt effectively as well, where a GPS can aid you by searching direct routes to reach your favorite hunting spot.

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Liquid storage is an important aspect of emergency prep. Your fuel is safely stowed away with a NATO Wavian jerry can. These cans can be stacked and easily transported without worry of spill or contamination. These Jerry Cans are EPA CARB Compliant A Brief History Of Jerry Cans Jerry cans were engineered in …

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If you’re concerned about survival in the backwoods, having the tools you need when all hell breaks loose, or don’t feel comfortable heading anywhere unprepared, you need a survival knife. A survival knife isn’t just a blade – it’s an instrument of defense, but also one you’ll use to build shelter and cook. It has …

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Whether it’s a mild winter storm to a full blown doozy of an ice crusher, your family should be prepared for all types of weather, storms and blackouts. Blackouts can happen during normal circumstances when electricity companies become overrun, equipment fails or stresses on the network cause supply to short. These issues cause the power …

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