Jerry Can History & Wavian NATO Jerry Cans

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Jerry Can History & Wavian NATO Jerry Cans

Liquid storage is an important aspect of emergency prep. Your fuel is safely stowed away with a NATO Wavian jerry can. These cans can be stacked and easily transported without worry of spill or contamination.

These Jerry Cans are EPA CARB Compliant

A Brief History Of Jerry Cans

Jerry cans were engineered in the 1930s in Germany for easy, durable transportation of fuel. Made from pressed steel, these robust containers were designed for longevity and could infallibly double as a weapon, especially when full of its 20 liters or 5.3 gallons capacity. Weighing in at 9.46 pounds, the metal canister is superior to cheaper ranges of plastic gas containers or tanks, and you don’t have to worry about BPAs leaching into fuel or other consumable liquid supplies.

Wavian jerry cans are NATO specific cans authorized for use by members of the United Nations. A quick bonus to this, besides longevity and durability, is the fact that they will neatly cozy up into any military style jerry can holders found in military vehicles.

With an authentic, Wavian jerry can in hand, you can be sure you’re using a product that is manufactured to the highest standards and military specs. Little has changed from its flawless design since its conception. Likewise, high quality jerry cans are completely painted both interiorly and exteriorly and are fitted with splash-proof pouring, rust-resistant paint, leak proof capabilities and double man handles for carrying.

Anatomy of a NATO Jerry Can | Top Spec U.S.

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