Italian 100% Wool Blanket In Brown With Cream Stripes

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Stay snug, dry, and protected with this Italian-made, 100% wool blanket. A rich color combination of brown and cream with no insignia make this an excellent pick for historic re-enactment enthusiasts, preppers, military school students, and anyone who wants to keep cozy on a chilly evening. Tough, warm, and durable, it’s the workhorse of blankets, perfect for all scenarios.

An Italian 100% Wool Blanket That’s Affordable and Tough

  • Rich brown and cream colors perfect for home and camp
  • Measuring 64” x 81” it’s ideal for cots, twin beds, lap use, and as a sleeping bag liner
  • Weighs 5 lbs, light enough for camping, but heavy enough to provide warmth
  • Easy to care for - just wash on the gentle/wool cycle and hang dry
  • Italian army wool blanket is attractive and functional
  • Durable and tough, holds up to abuse

This Army Surplus Blanket Offers Style and Warmth

Italian textiles are known for performance and class; this blanket is no exception. Delightfully warm and attractively colored, these simple 100% wool blankets are a perfect gift, and make an excellent addition to your bug out bag, or as an extra blanket on your child’s bed. Don’t be surprised by a faint mothball odor - just air the blankets out, wash with Woolite or another gentle cleanser, hang dry, and put them to work.

Ideal for days when the cold seems relentless, we test our 100% wool blankets for warmth and performance in the elements. Natural moisture-wicking wool is the material of choice in Italian, Swiss, and Swedish officers blankets, as well as for American enlisted soldiers and military officers.

Our 100% Wool Blankets Are Made to Last

You’ve heard the saying that wool is hard to care for - not anymore! Our Italian army surplus wool blankets are designed for use in extreme situations, holding up to Mother Nature’s worst without failing. They’re also easy to care for, and don’t require hand washing. The gentle cycle on your washing machine will work just as well.

When the days are long and cold, you need something to keep you warm. Wool does a better job than any synthetic. We’ve used these 100% wool blankets ourselves, and if you aren’t as satisfied as we were, we’ll refund your purchase without any hassle. This season, stay warm and comfortable, under a 100% wool Italian army surplus blanket. You deserve it.

From the manufacturer…
“If you need a tough, durable, warm wool blanket - this is it! Not the softest, nor the prettiest of wool blankets, but by far the toughest. The Italian’s made a blanket to outlast all others and they made it well. Comes in a rich Brown color with Beige stripes.”



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