Wavian 10L (2.6 Gallon) NATO Jerry Can With Spout + Extra Gasket

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Stay fueled on the road and prepped for the long haul with a Wavian jerry can that meets NATO specs and is built to handle the toughest jobs. Wavian’s 10L Jerry can is perfect for tough treks. Made of 13-gauge steel and complete with a locking pin and welded seams, it survives almost anything intact.

A Spill Proof, Rust-resistant 10L NATO Jerry Can That Won’t Leak

  • Rust resistant paint, inside and out
  • Thick, pickled 0.9mm steel protects fuel and other liquids from the sun
  • Internal breather pipe prevents spills during pouring to keep smelly gas where it belongs
  • Large 3-bar, 2-man carry handles for easy transport and secure grip
  • Easy to use, leak proof, CARB compliant, nozzle provides a smooth pour every time
  • Locking pin mechanism stops gas from spewing all over the place
  • Stackable and storable in any position without leaking

Built To Withstand Everyday Use And Extreme Situations

Now legal in all 50 states, this 10L / 2.6 Gal Wavian Jerry can is a great storage option for fuel and other liquids. Wavian’s 10L Jerry gas cans are built tough. The rugged construction and carefully welded seams ensure that these gas cans won’t break, leak, or vent fumes so your fuel is ready when you need it the most. The tight sealing cap with locking pin guarantee the ability to store the cans in any position, and the design is compatible with most popular carrying racks, so you can take these Jerry cans anywhere.

Easy to refill, stack, and transport, these well-designed NATO-spec gas cans incorporate a three bar, two-man carry handle to help the can stay balanced while pouring and make it easier to haul for long distances. An extremely practical max fill line is stamped into the can, preventing accidental ruptures or leaks from an over-full, over-pressurized can.

These NATO-spec jerry cans come in multiple sizes and color choices, including red, olive drab, yellow, black, and blue. Coordinate them with your bug out gear, use more than one color to keep diesel, kerosene, and gas separate. The 13-gauge steel of Wavian Jerry gas cans is 3x as strong as non-Wavian jerry cans. The carefully welded seams won’t leak, even during mid-summer heat waves or at high altitudes.

This 10L Wavian Can Is Built To NATO Specifications

Wavian Jerry gas cans meet or exceed NATO standards. The exterior is powder coated, and the interior coating is a petrol-resistant alkyd-ammonia based paint, which means you won’t have to worry about rust or flaking, chipping, or inferior coatings. Significantly better than plastic cans, this 10L / 2.6 Gallon Jerry cans also meet U. N. Dangerous Goods Transportation Regs. Carry gas where you need it, when you need it - around the globe.

Built to withstand serious abuse, the Wavian Jerry gas can is a favorite with hardcore survivalists thanks to its spill-proof design, versatile storage capabilities, and rust-resistant interior and exterior alkyd-ammonia paint coating. Rust won’t contaminate gas that’s stored for the long-haul in these 10L jerry cans, and the cans are also suited for short-term use.

NOTE: Wavian does not recommend storing water in these steel cans.

From the manufacturer…

“Necessary for any survivalist looking to store gasoline in case of an emergency. This metal canister is far superior to cheap plastic gas jugs and tanks.”

Genuine Authentic Wavian Jerry Gas Can Holder Available Separately.

Additional Wavian spouts / nozzles are available separately.



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