2 Pair (4 Pieces) OEM Fat Spring Bars 316L Stainless Steel 20mm 22mm - Seiko Dive Watch

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Our high quality, stainless steel Seiko OEM "fat spring bars" are an absolute requirement for your Seiko Dive Watch. Standard spring bars are a much smaller diameter, anywhere from 1.5mm to 2.0mm. Our OEM fat spring bars are ~2.55mm in diameter and come in the two standard lengths: 20mm and 22mm. These bars are cheap insurance to make sure your Seiko Dive Watch stays on your wrist while you dive, work, or play!

About 316L Stainless Steel OEM Fat Spring Bars
Our fat spring bars are made of 316L stainless steel -- Rolex uses the same 316L stainless steel for their spring bars. That's good enough for us, and our fat spring bars are virtually identical to the original Seiko spring bars.

Note: The ends of the fat spring bars are 1.1mm in diameter. These will NOT fit all watches. You need to make sure the lugs on your watch will accommodate a pin size of 1.1mm.


For Lug Width Uncompressed Length Barrel Diameter Barrel Length Shoulder Diameter Pin Diameter
20mm 23.8mm 2.55mm 18.61mm 1.71mm 1.1mm
22mm 25.87mm 2.55mm 20.53mm 1.71mm 1.1mm



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