Marathon Survival Unmounted Wrist Compass

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The Marathon Survival Unmounted Wrist Compass, also known as the SERE compass (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape), is a great tool to help keep your bearings in any situation or environment. The compass features luminous dial and sight line, a black face with luminous markings on all 4 polar positions, and each and luminous markings at every 10 degree interval. Luminous features are provided with non-radioactive MARAGLO paint. The Marathon Survival Unmounted Wrist Compass comes with a 16mm nylon band, and is water resistant to 3 atmospheres just like their military wristwatches. The compass case is made of high impact fibreshell resin and is waterproof and dustproof. Also, this wrist compass can be attached to any of our general purpose watches with an 18mm wide band. This compass can be used as an accessory to the any general purpose wristwatches with 16mm strap. This wrist compass is an important accessory to the wrist watch as it aids in navigation for the soldier and allows for ease of use by being mounted on the wrist. (FYI casing is identical to wrist watch for conformity).

Marathon Survival Unmounted Wrist Compass CO194001 Features:

  • Luminous dial and sight line (painted with MARAGLO)
  • 10 degree graduations
  • Water resistant to 3 atmospheres
  • Fibreshell high impact, waterproof and dustproof case
  • Compass is tested to withstand shock, vibration, and water resistance in accordance to specification MIL-PRF-46374G Type II, Class 4
  • Included 16mm strap is manufactured in accordance with MIL-S-46383B, Type II.



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