Set of Two Wavian 20L / 5 Gallon NATO Jerry Cans w/ 2 Spouts, Gaskets


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Now legal in all 50 states, these 20L Wavian jerry cans are a durable storage option for fuel and even water. Stay prepped for long drives, camping, or an emergency situation with this complete set of two 20L Wavian jerry cans. Save on this set that includes nozzles, spouts and gaskets. 13-gauge steel, a locking pin, and welded seams mean these NATO jerry cans take a beating without leaking.

Leak Proof, Rust-resistant 20L / 5 Gal NATO Jerry Cans

  • Interior lined with petrol resistant paint to protect against rust, flaking, and contamination
  • Thick 13-gauge, 0.9mm steel protects fuel and water from UV exposure
  • Internal breather pipe for splash-free pouring
  • Spacious 3-bar, 2-man carry handles make it easier to grip, carry and transport.
  • CARB compliant, smooth-pour nozzle is easy to use and won’t drip gas all over the place
  • The bayonet closure is leak proof in any direction, even upside down
  • Enjoy space-efficient, stackable storage with the old school, mil-spec design

Portable, Long Term Storage For Any Situation

Easily portable and compatible with most storage racks, you can strap these gas cans onto your 4-wheeler or vehicle for quick and easy emergency refueling on the road. The locking pin cap, and stackable design gives you the freedom to store your NATO jerry cans in any position without worrying about spills, spewing, or leaks. Store them at home, take them camping, or hit the road, these NATO cans can go anywhere without breaking or leaking.

If you really want to be ready for everything, you need to have the essentials on hand – like jerry cans full of gas or water. The 13-gauge steel of Wavian jerry gas cans is 3 times stronger than regular metal gas cans. Carefully welded seams, these cans won’t leak, even during mid-summer heat waves or at high altitudes.

Multiple color choices (red, olive drab, yellow, black, and blue) to help keep diesel, kerosene, water, and gas separate.

Military Tough 20L Wavian Jerry Cans

These genuine authentic Wavian jerry  cans are brand new, direct from the European factory, and not old stock or surplus.

You will be hard pressed to ever wear one of these cans out. Thick pickled steel with a powder coated paint exterior prevents rust from leaching into your fuel during long-term storage. Combined with durable, welded seams, multi-position storage, and an internal breather pipe that prevents your fuel from spilling while you pour, these gas cans are built tough.

The design of Wavian Jerry gas cans meets or exceeds NATO standards. The exterior is powder coated, and the interior coating is a water & petrol-resistant alkyd-ammonia based paint, which means it won’t rust or flake – inside or out. Far better than plastic cans, these 20L / 5 Gallon Jerry cans also meet U. N. Dangerous Goods Transportation Regs, so you can carry gas where you need it, when you need it. Even internationally. And if you need water too, the second can has you covered.

From the manufacturer…

“This can is constructed of 2 sides welded together in the middle. The welded seam is leakproof unlike the early US steel jerry cans with their rolled seams.”

Genuine Authentic Wavian Jerry Gas Can Holder Available Separately.

NOTE: At this time, and until further notice, spouts are no longer available separately.

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